National Association of Benefits and Work Incentives Specialists (NABWIS)

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The National Association of Benefits and Work Incentives Specialists is now accepting applications for membership. The goal of the organization is to serve as a medium for deliberation, exchange of ideas, knowledge, skills and experiences, and for compilation and dissemination of information.

NABWIS members will include individuals, governmental agencies and non-governmental organizations, including voluntary and private organizations, public and private not-for-profit rehabilitation providers, disability advocacy organizations, consumer organizations, self-help groups and individuals. Categories of membership are:

Membership Levels

Professional Members (PM) members are individuals who are committed to the purpose and supportive of the goals of NABWIS and have, presently are or will shortly (within one year) hold a position as a benefits/work incentives specialist or provides training and technical assistance to practitioners.

Associate Members (AM) are any individuals or organizations that support the purpose and goals of NABWIS. Associate Members are generally less than state-wide in the scope of their activities or are active in connection with specific disability groups or professions, or are composed mainly of volunteers.

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Please contact Ray Cebula at with any questions or comments you may have with NABWIS memberships.