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National Association of Benefits and Work Incentives Specialists

The National Association of Benefits and Work Incentive Specialists (NABWIS) is comprised of the many and varied professionals providing assistance to individuals who receive disability benefits and are considering work.

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New Update!

We are excited to announce the 2022 Virtual NABWIS Conference dates.
The 2022 NABWIS Conference will take place over three days: October 12th-October 14th. The conference will run from 1:00PM-4:25PM EST each day.  Register HERE https://www.mhesevents.org/nabwis2022

New "Deeper Dive" Series  (Members Only! )

"Deeper Dive" Series 

A series of articles on topics aimed to go beyond by NABWIS volunteer authors, board member James R. Sheldon, a Disability Policy Consultant, and NABWIS member Edwin J. Lopez-Soto, Extension Faculty of Cornell’s Yan Tan Institute.

September "Deeper Dive" now available!!!